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With EZ CERT’s Help, Tilted Kilt Has Saved Time And Increased Insurance Compliance Significantly
With EZ CERT’s premier insurance certificate tracking solution this franchise has been able to efficiently and effectively manage compliance system wide, freeing up the brand’s resources and minimizing risk.

Insurance compliance issues used to take Monica Love, Legal Administrator for Tilted Kilt, hours of her time on a weekly basis. “Insurance compliance is just one of my job functions, but it was taking a tremendous amount of time each week. It is tedious work and takes a lot of time, but it is necessary. Errors in insurance coverage can lead to legal problems for franchisors, which can affect the brand as a whole. It is something that is very important to stay on top of.”

With over 75 locations, spread out over 27 different states and two countries, Tilted Kilt, like other franchisors, has the daunting responsibility to make sure each of those locations is carrying the correct coverages. With annual policy renewals and periodic updates to FDD requirements, tracking is a continuous task.

Two years ago this overwhelming task became exponentially easier for Love when EZ CERT, with their premier certificate tracking solution, took over insurance compliance tracking for Tilted Kilt. Love says, “With EZ CERT tracking our compliance, the time I have to dedicate to insurance compliance issues is less than a few hours a month. The amount of time saved is incredible. I can dedicate that freed up time to my other tasks.”  

Besides time saved, Love has seen another big change, “Insurance compliance has risen about 20% since EZ CERT started providing services. That is a significant increase. And having more franchisees in compliance not only makes my job easier, it also minimizes the brand’s exposure to risk.”

EZ CERT, with more than 50 years of combined insurance experience and extensive franchise industry experience, uniquely understands the relationship between a franchisor and franchisee. And they offer their expertise to franchise networks for free.

When a franchisee is not compliant with their insurance coverage, EZ CERT is able to provide on the spot solutions with plans that are tailored specifically to the franchisor’s requirements, offering convenience for all involved. And because they are able to leverage their large volume of clients, they are often able to offer coverage at a more competitive rate than other agencies.

Love says, “By naming them as an approved insurance provider for our system, they provide this invaluable service free of charge to our company. It is a win for us, because of the time and hassle it saves and it is a win for our franchisees because they have someone making sure that they are appropriately covered and have an insurance expert at their disposal to direct them towards policies specifically tailored to Tilted Kilt’s FDD requirements.”

Working with the company has been a positive experience for Love on all levels as well, thanks to their dedication to quality customer service, “Aside from their incredible amount of insurance expertise, communication with them is fantastic. EZ CERT is very responsive. Their turn around time on questions and returning calls is amazing. I never have to wait long to get an answer to a question I have, which is very important when handling legal issues.”

With EZ CERT’s unparalleled franchise insurance expertise, the company is able to offer tailored and comprehensive insurance solutions to any compliance issue that arises. And their certificate tracking solution is proactively finding gaps in coverage to help minimize risks. Love sums it up this way, “The program is a value-add to any organization.”

By quickly and efficiently identifying compliance issues, and with their clear understanding of the franchise business model, EZ CERT’s tracking solution has eliminated the burden of tracking complex insurance requirements for Tilted Kilt. It has improved compliance rates and offered franchisees a comprehensive insurance option that is customized to Tilted Kilt’s requirements.  Love puts it this way, “We are not insurance experts. The people at EZ CERT are.”